Colorful Cabinets & Décor

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This new construction home is uniquely beautiful. This creative homeowner wanted to take inspiration from her view of the sea and incorporate shades of bright blues and greens throughout the entirety of the home. The Designer White paint finish from Sherwin Williams was selected for the upper cabinets. The classic style and color are perfect for not making the walls look crowded against the tiled backsplash.

She wanted something different for the island, something to pull the whole room together. For this, the homeowner decided on the Just Blue finish from Sherwin Williams. This color breaks up the white in the room and makes the blue wall tiles pop. An amazing choice for these cabinets was the gold handles. The color brings warmth to the kitchen and keeps the cabinets unified.

Fun and colorful embellishments appear with the decorations placed around the kitchen and dining area. The barstools chosen for the island have a few streaks of tan grain peaking through to give a more rustic appearance. This warm peaking color is complements the wooden bowl on the counter. 

A staple set in the home is a hand-painted, ceramic, fish-shaped, bowl and plate set. This unique glassware set has blue as one of the primary colors but also introduces yellow, pink, green, and teal. Having pieces like this allows you to put larger items with each of these colors throughout the room without them looking out of place. For example, the yellow chair behind the dining set doesn’t stand out in an obnoxious way. It appears purposeful and well-planned. 

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