Returning Trends & Accent Colors

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returning trends & accent colors

The trends are changing, but as you’ll come to find we are starting to see a resurgence of colors and décor we’ve seen in the 1980s and early 2000s. People are starting to trade out uniform shapes for abstract, expressive ones. Main colors have shifted from simple shades such as white, grey, black, and darker colors such as jewel tones, wood finishes and nature focus hues. Think of rubies, emeralds, sapphires, and other rich colors with strong saturations. Pastels are falling out of popularity, being left in the 2010s.

The most common cabinet colors are of course white and grey. These lovely shades are perfect to pair with any decorations but can appear simple or plain when in abundance. A great start to brighten up a room is with exciting colored seating. You can find any size, shape, or fabric to match your style. If you choose all-white seating, you can include cushions to bring in the color or patterns. If you go with a multicolored pattern, try to find an accent color within to make it stand out through the rest of the room.

You don’t need to stop with just décor, however. Extend your creativity to the cabinets themselves. Just like white or grey, hardwood and wood finishes can match any color scheme while providing a beautiful natural look. If you appreciate more warmth in your home, red-leaning wood pairs well with not only other warm colors such as orange and yellow, but also hues like Naval (SW 6244), Greens (SW 6748), Izmir Purple (SW 6825), and Heartfelt (SW 6586).

If a cool tone such as any grey-leaning wood, is more your style, any cool hues like blue, green, and purple will match beautifully. There are some traditionally warm colors that can compliment the woods as well such as Heartthrob (SW 6866), Obstinate Orange (SW 6884), Sunny Veranda (SW 9017), and In the Pink (SW 6583).

Though the white and wood cabinets are classic, you can make your personality shine with some color. With Marquis’ Classico line, you can choose any of these Sherwin-Williams swatch colors and many more for your cabinets to make them the star of the room. Colorful cabinets can tie a room together no matter the aesthetic. If you’re more into minimalistic décor, a subtle pop of color such as Favorite Jeans (SW 9147) can make a room stand out, without taking away from the calmness and simplicity. If maximalism is more your speed, however, having a bold, high saturation, color like Envy (SW 6925) can tie the décor itself in with the rest of the room; the cabinets wouldn’t distract from the embellishments, rather it would guide your eye throughout the room.

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