Custom Cabinet Design


The First Step To Your Vision

Come in to the Marquis showroom and enjoy a full consultation where you’ll be introduced to each cabinet collection, how and why it fits your project and go over a preliminary idea of what you’re looking for. The project manager will take detailed notes of the conversation points to better tailor your proposal and fit everything you wanted.

Remodels & Renovations: Marquis can look at your current space, take pictures, measurements and explain what the best new layout is for you and how to get there. Marquis’ stellar remodeling project team will make the most of your space.

New Construction: Bring your architectural drawings in or have your contractor e-mail them. Marquis work with your builder and all your trades in coordinating the perfect placement and design for your cabinet project. Marquis Fine Cabinetry goes farther into your project than any other cabinet company out there.

Here’s a list of how the design process works:

  • Full Custom Consultation
  • Field Measurements
  • Proposal & Contract
  • Design & Layout Approval
  • Appliance Specs
  • Plumbing Specs
  • Project Coordination
  • Final Drawing Sign-Off 
  • Release to Engineering Department

Your Project Drawings

Once we have all the sketches, measurements, cabinet selections, and style, Marquis' project manager will create a full architectural shop drawing that's then approved by you and handed over to the engineering department for preparation and final production tailoring.

Let's Sit Down

Contact our project managers to come in for a full consultation on how Marquis Fine Cabinetry can be the best fit for your kitchen or home.