Custom Cabinets Production


American Made Fabrication

Once your project enters Marquis’ factory, it goes through a full in-house fabrication process. The plant director and skilled craftsmen cut your material on hi-end machinery resulting in a every panel needed for assembly. The project then goes to the edge banding and CNC department to finish the sides of every door and inner face. If you chose Classico, it continues to our paint department where Marquis’ veteran paint technicians apply a 2-coat primer process using only the best paint on the market. 

Marquis’ customs department then starts on any custom angles, hoods, or shelving that’s needed for the project. Both cabinet collections then head to assembly and packaged up for the installation department to pick up for delivery to your home.

Precision Manufacturing: Marquis’ factory is comprised of many different minds and working hands. Everyone in the factory has years of experience in each of their respective departments, which ensures your cabinetry is created with a meticulous eye and a full checklist of materials required. State of the art machinery and Italian inspired cabinet techniques are used on every project.

Here’s a list of how the engineering process works:

  • Saw & Material Creation
  • Edge Banding & CNC (If Applicable)
  • Painting Department (If Applicable)
  • Customs Department
  • Assembly
  • Packaging 
  • Release To Install Department

Custom Paint Department

At Marquis Fine Cabinetry, all your Classico cabinets are painted either by hand or machine, giving you the highest quality application on the market with a heavy UV conversion varnish.

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