Custom Cabinet Shaker Decorations

Classico Decorative Inlays

A Touch Of Style

At Marquis Fine Cabinetry, we stick very close to our ability to customize practically anything. Marquis offers a list of surfaces and make ups that will bring your design or accents to life. Whether it’s aluminum framing, glass fronts, or Marquis’ special line of acrylics, leathers, metals, and textured inlays, we can address any style or idea. Contrast in your kitchen or bathroom should transcend past a typical paint choice. Choose from a large selection of custom cabinet fronts that Marquis can design around your look and layout to bring balance to your project’s personality.

  • Glass

    Clear, Frosted, Smoked, Ribbed, Ridged

  • Acrylic

    Various Colors & Patterns

  • Leather

    A List Of Options & Textures

  • Metal

    Bronze, Matte Black, Stainless, Chrome, Gold, & Brass

  • Textured Inlays

    Exotic Colors & Designs

Fluid Design Decor

Use Marquis' decorative inlays to showcase your glassware, dishware, or decorations. Using glass and other materials as well as open face cupboards is a beautiful option to your home.

Let's Sit Down

Contact our project managers to come in for a full consultation that includes how our Classico cabinet collection can be the best fit for your kitchen or home.