Custom Cabinet Shaker Installments

Classico Inserts & Pullouts

Innovation Meets Functionality

  • Maple Drawer Pullouts

    Whether its for storage or organization, Marquis can provide a long list of drawer and cabinet pullouts for your kitchen, bath, or living space. All pullouts are 100% maple, UV sealed, and come in an unlimited amount of sizes and specs. Utensil and knife blocks, spice racks, jar and cannister bins, cutting board and cookie sheet dividers, trash can bays, microwave slide-outs, wine rack shelving, and even full pantry pullouts. Including pullouts is the ultimate way to save space, keep things organized, and get the most out of your cabinet design.

  • Maple Drawer Inserts

    Dishes and utensils seem to be everyone's problem when it comes to storage. Marquis has some options for you. The maple drawer inserts come in all shapes, sizes, uses, and are custom fit, and installed in our factory before installation. Utensil trays, cutting board pullouts, dish peg systems, coffee cup trays, glassware dividers, barware inserts, vanity charging stations, and a long list of many other selections your project manager can offer.

  • Horseshoe Framed Vanity

    Having a faux door or door face under your sink vanity is the thing of the past. At Marquis Fine Cabinetry we can factory fabricate our horseshoe frame system. The stainless steel half-circle fits perfectly around your underneath plumbing, which gives you the full use of the upper cabinet in your vanity. Marquis' project managers will work with your plumbing trade to size or retro fit your horseshoe designed cabinet so you don't have to bring anything to the table. Keep every inch of your cabinet and ask Marquis about the horseshoe framed vanity options.

  • Blind Corner Pullouts

    As an evolution of the "Lazy Susan", Marquis has the ability to install blind corner pullouts to your corner cabinets. This allows you to open your cabinet and utilize the entire space without losing any real estate in those traditional settings. The blind corner is 100% maple and comes in either 1-tier or 2-tier depending on your needs. Ask your project manager how this can be a resolution to utilizing every inch of your kitchen or living area.

Glass Fronts & Decorative Inlays

Break up your cabinet layout with airy glass front and decorative inlays. Marquis uses only the finest materials in our factory to assemble a one of a kind custom door face for you.

Let's Sit Down

Contact our project managers to come in for a full consultation that includes how our Classico cabinet collection can be the best fit for your kitchen or home.