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Classico Standard Features

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  • Wood Interior

    Classico's all wood interior is a standard feature, manufactured in house, and machine cut to give you a precise look that shines compared to the industry standard. Marquis' wood interior is soft to the touch with a hard surface application that's UV coated with a beautiful matte-glow. Marquis' wood interior is reinforced and heavy so that you don't have to be delicate with your day-to-day utensils, dishes, glassware, cookware, or barware.

  • Toe Kick & Leg Leveler

    The removable toe-kick (with weather strip base) offers an aesthetically pleasing option to disguise the adjustable leg levelers behind them. Marquis paint matches your toe-kick to your Classico cabinets so that everything is streamlined across the board. Leg levelers are a great feature for any coastal home due to the higher chances of flooding and water damage. These fully adjustable levelers make it so your cabinets never physically touch the ground themselves. They are constructed with a reinforced lip for extra durability along with being warp and water resistant. 

  • Soft Close Hinges & Glides

    Soft close hinges and glides come standard with both Marquis' cabinet collections. We use commercial grade, hi-density stainless steel hardware to ensure you have the most comfortable use of your doors and drawers. We calibrate each hinge and glide in our factory during the assembly process for both leveling purposes and speed of open and closure. Marquis' internal hardware has a lifetime warranty that's fully replaceable with in stock materials.

  • Dovetail Box

    Marquis' Classico standard dovetail box construction uses all wood hand and factory assembled walls that weather the weight of your dishes, utensils, household items, books, or even a junk drawer.  The sturdy make up ensures your cabinet will be the best manufactured comprised nomenclature that's currently in the industry. Marquis' European flush inset fabrication process gives you a clean, frameless look that is everything to love about at Marquis Fine Cabinetry.

  • Finish Panel

    Marquis encapsulates our design to always include a finish panel under the upper cabinetry. This gives your project a luxe finishing touch to the under side of your cabinets.

  • Light Rails

    Marquis plans for under cabinet lighting during the design process whether you choose to include it or not. This allows for easier installation of under cabinet lighting now or in the future.

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