Countertop Shopping 101

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Collection: Milano Finishes: Cafe + Bianco Lucido Kitchen By Marquis Fine Cabinetry

Even though we are a custom cabinetry manufacturer, we work very closely with other trades to make sure your kitchen or bathroom design comes together perfectly. Countertops being one of those trades. Over the years we have built a great working relationship with Classic Design who uses our showroom to display their countertops. They provide a wide selection of options. Their most popular product is provided by Cambria, a large, well-known quartz manufacturer. So let’s learn more about the major points when countertop shopping.

We decided to sit down with Cambria’s market representative in the Northwest Florida region, Veronica Trout, and discuss everything countertops! Read below to learn more about countertops, an area that is sometimes overlooked when worrying about cabinets, appliances, and flooring.

Collection: Classico Finish: Designer White Kitchen By Marquis Fine Cabinetry

4 Major Points / Features to Consider:

Quality of Product

You always want to make sure the material is high in quality as it will go through a lot of wear and tear. You may not think so but between leaning up against, groceries, sliding plates and bowl across and doing dishes, you want to make sure the countertops will last years and will fit your lifestyle.

Lifetime Warranty

This is an amazing feature for a countertop to have. That means any chips on the edge or scrapes on the top will be taken care of and repaired – at little to no cost! This is a great feature that Cambria offers and one of the main reasons that sets them apart.

Low to No Maintenance

Days of polishing your countertops and wiping them down all the time to keep their gloss are over. To clean and disinfect with Cambria, simply use some warm water, a washcloth and a mild antibacterial soap to clean. Avoid rough and abrasive scrubbers. If you decide to go with a non-natural stone countertop you are welcome to use chemicals. However, if you choose to go with any natural stone top, avoid chemicals as it can be corrosive to the stone.

Product Right for Your Project

Countertop materials and designs come in so many different options. Before you choose to go with a certain material, make sure you can get what you want in the size that you want. Natural marble slabs can be difficult to find in a large slab. You might end up having to have some seems depending on the size of your project. If you go with Cambria though, they can actually make your slab according to your project size.

When should you start looking for countertops?

Trout recommends anytime! Its great to always have an idea of what you like and want according to your design style. When you’re working with your kitchen and bath designer, it” help them to have an idea so they can also design around those finishes and colors. Trout also mentioned not to forget about your flooring. Always make sure your countertop coordinates with the flooring. When you have those 3 major items: flooring, cabinets, and countertops you can continue on with your other design aspects like backsplash, hardware, etc. Tip: choose a countertop company with great communication who will relay countertop information and specs to your custom cabinetry designer.

More color!

Trout says she has noticed an increase of blue and green accent colors in kitchens. Due to that concept, it actually inspired their newest released designs.

Floating Vanities

Not only has Trout noticed a large increase in floating bathroom vanities, we have too! The majority of our vanities are now being designed floating. They can be designed in either of our Milano or Classico Collection. It’s a great way to add some character to a small guest bath or make a beautiful impact in a master bath. Check out our portfolio for many examples that range from ultra modern to luxe beach.

HUGE Islands

Trout has noticed this trend for a while now. Families are wanting to make more use of their kitchen and countertop space for entertaining friends and family. As we know, the kitchen is often times the gathering place for social events. Trout is unsure how much larger an island can get, however, she is amazed each time when she is proven wrong. We have also noticed an increase in island size. On average, early last year most jobs we were around 7 feet. That has now increased to about to 10 feet, on average. We have even done a couple 12 foot islands recently too – bring on the entertaining!

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