Predicting the Future – 2021 Bathroom Trends

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Growing up you always used to go to your room to relax and get away. As adults you think of going to the privacy of your own home after work to unwind. Now as we almost finish the strange year of 2020, many of us work from home now and need a safe escape. When we were quarantined and couldn’t leave our homes, we improvised and turned our much missed spa and pedi days into at-home spas starting with our bathrooms. Below are a few predictions of how we have already seen new bathroom trends started from COVID-19 that are moving into the New Year.

Luxurious Bathing Tubs & Showers

This beautiful spa-like bathroom featured a stand alone tub for a simplistic yet dramatic bathing experience.

Adding Greenery

Live greenery adds colors and natural warmth to any space. Additionally, they also help to naturally clean the air. Since many of us were stuck inside for several months during 2020, natural plants is a nice way to balance the indoors and outdoors. Pro tip: make sure the pottery used for the plants don’t distract from your cabinet design.

Earth Tones

If you are worried about adding too much natural wood into your bathroom, try a different lighter finishes. This finish from our Milano collection is called “Fantasia” and it is a great way to add a neutral wood finish to any space. These Destin custom cabinets can be laid with vertical or horizontal graining to increase your design options.


A minimalistic design keeps your lines very clean and simple. This multi-layered floating vanity is still very complex due to the layout but very simple due to the design. In addition, lack of clutter will relax anyone.

Luxe Lighting

You can’t overlook lighting, after all, that does illuminate everything so you can see in the first place. Many bathroom projects we have done, will add a couple chandeliers to glam the space up a little bit more. This also adds a touch of extra luxury to a bathroom space for extra relaxation. Pro tip: always make sure your cabinet design coordinates with the lighting.

Botanical Accent Walls

A floral wall is a great way to add a pop of color and character to a space. Whether it be a petite space, like a guest bath, or a large master bathroom. The playful wallpaper itself acts as a major décor piece and little is left to decorate. Just let the floral wall do the talking! Worried you won’t be able to pull off such a dramatic wall like this? Call the interior designers at Urban Grace for help.

Bold Sink & Vanities

This double lifted trough sink is so simple yet so unique. The lines are kept clean while multi-use function of the large sink is possible. We got major hotel inspired feels from this bathroom. Then the dark floating vanity compliments the white walls, natural wood and mosaic tile floor.

Overall, we believe we will continue to see at-home-spa inspired bath designs going into 2021. Cabinet design will also continue to simplify while tile, sink, lighting and wall applications become more detailed. The desire to have timeless cabinetry is increasing, which is why it is so important to invest in quality made cabinetry that will last for styles to come.