Main Street Kitchen Remodel in Rosemary Beach

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This was a very unique kitchen remodel right in the heart of Rosemary Beach. Our project managers enjoyed designing this project as it features many of our premium options. This petite space needed to have storage, entertaining room, and a designated spot for the washer and dryer to fit. Our project manager was able to beautifully design a new kitchen fulfilling all those needs. Continue reading below to learn about all the premium upgrades that were designed into this kitchen.


This simple L-shaped kitchen with an island is not as simple as it looks. It houses a fridge and even a washer and dryer seamlessly. The owner of this downtown Rosemary Beach flat wanted a remodeled, flashy kitchen but not one that distracted from the wall of French doors looking out on Main Street. Our project manager chose a high gloss white in our Milano Collection to keep with the clean white from the French doors. Since the space is petite, light was added to make the space appear larger. The 3 upper cabinets featuring the decorative mirror inlay also helps to reflect light and enhance the square footage. This finish was a smart choice as the glass does not compete with the high gloss white finish on the Santa Rosa Beach cabinets.

GOLA Handleless System + LED Strip Lighting

Our GOLA handleless system offers a sleek alternative to hardware. The only hardware that is installed is behind the actual cabinet face. We have a variety of colors and finishes to choose from. This was a striking option for this design as the hardware does not interfere with the beauty of this open space. The GOLA LED strip lighting is an extra premium option from Marquis Fine Cabinetry.

Custom Laundry Unit Built-In

The owner of this flat wanted to construct a hidden cubby for their laundry system – and we did it! You would never be able to tell that there was a stackable washer/dryer component behind the first cupboard. Additionally, the bonus to choosing the Milano collection, is that the material is water resistant. So any steam let off from the dryer will not impact the life of the cabinetry. This is such an amazing feature as most kitchen remodels want to tear

Appliances + Panels

With such a unique stove as this one from Miele, you wouldn’t want a stainless steel fridge to steal it’s thunder. There was no question to have custom appliance panels made for the fridge. We proudly work with Mobile Appliance for all of our client’s appliance needs. With all these upgrades from the kitchen remodel, the owner was able to sell this Rosemary Beach flat in under a month!