Spilt Beans: 2021 Kitchen Trends

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Over the years we have seen kitchen trends change dramatically. From natural, warm and Tuscan to bright, glossy and minimalistic. So where will 2021 lead us? Here at Marquis, we have seen all the above within the past year and we don’t foresee it slowing down anytime soon. Below is a quick evaluation of where we see the kitchen trends of 2021 flowing towards.


Beautiful Quartz Countertops

The beautiful dark blue veining in these stunning large slabs of quartz really makes a statement. It pulls in the high gloss blue uppers and floating shelves with the matte white lowers. This particular client chose to work with our preferred vendor, Classic Design, for their countertop needs.

Contrasting Dark Countertops

This beautiful black suede quartz counter contrasts beautifully with our Destin cabinets, Milano Collection, in the finish Rockefeller. The soft satin matte finish compliments the smooth texture of Rockefeller.


Large One-Piece

For this project, they chose to carry the same grey veining and white quartz used on their countertops straight into their backsplash. This creates a very clean and streamline feel for this large layout. We saw this trend with several other projects recently too and they turned out beautiful.

Patterned & Textured Tile

This Santa Rosa Beach vacation rental wanted to add a pop of color. By adding a fun dark blue, grey and white patterned tile is a classic way to pull in an accent color. It compliments the grey veining in the countertops very well. This backsplash also draws the eyes to the large custom range hood, a large focal piece in this moderate sized kitchen.

Fun Faucets

It’s amazing what time and technology can do. From turning what used to be a not so pretty staple in your kitchen, into a beautiful art piece. Faucets and their functionality can play a large role in your kitchen. Do you want one that stands out due to the finish or due to the design?

Add Variety of Textures

Woven Light Fixtures

Adding woven light fixtures to any space, especially one that is cabinet-heavy, will make the space more warm by breaking up the combination of textures. This is a great example as this kitchen has a lot of cabinet space. This color chosen coordinates beautifully with the warm finish and wood flooring.

Reclaimed Wood Finishes

Even though we don’t offer reclaimed services, we offer several finishes in our Milano collection to give you that look. We believe in replacing broken down cabinets rather than refurbishing them as we know our cabinets will last for years to come. This beautiful project above features the finish Canyon Walnut for a very natural wood finish that will maintain it’s integrity for years.

Serious Shine, Glossy Finishes

This kitchen remodel chose high gloss in both white and charcoal in our Milano collection. This sheen provides a very modern and luxe feel. There’s many variations you can choose to add glossy finishes to your project: floating shelves, uppers only, accent island or lowers only.

Kitchen Layout

Open Shelving / No Upper Cabinets

Alternative methods and styles are used for upper cabinets instead to increase functionality and design. For example, in the kitchen above, 2 large pantry style cupboards are placed as uppers while the rest of the space is used for floating shelves to open space up.

Clean Lined Cabinetry

This kitchen is a great example of how clean cabinetry can enlarge a space. This remodel was done in a condo with limited space to expand. However, with a smart design and clean cabinet lines, it opens up this space.

Multi-Level Islands

This L-shaped island with middle insert allows for extra seating and additional height to the kitchen. In spaces where there are too many items that are the same level, it can make your eyes “bored”, so to speak. By adding in dimensional variance throughout the space, it will keep your eyes more “entertained”.

Warm Tones Still Exist

The heavy Tuscan wood profiles aren’t as popular as they used to be but, yes, warm and natural wood tones still exist. However, we noticed they are used as accent colors or with light colors. The high contrast between the two are striking. Don’t be afraid to add in a warm maple tone because you feel trends are only going towards white and greys.


Overall, we have seen kitchen cabinet style trends simplify. They don’t have the heavy emphasis on wood cuts or natural wood all over. As the trends move towards modern and minimalistic, there is still a beautiful blend of the two that is very popular right now. While cabinet profiles simplify, other kitchen components become more detailed. What do you think will be the new kitchen trend in 2021?