Custom Cabinetry: Where Do I Begin?

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When? How? What? So many options with custom cabinetry!

Are you currently building a house and overwhelmed with everything? We completely understand that! We work with many clients who don’t know where to start when it comes to their custom cabinetry needs, as it is a lot. Maybe your building doesn’t work with a company or you want to go out and find your own. Whatever the case may be, Marquis Fine Cabinetry is here to help. After having a conversation with one of our project managers, Sean Moore, we came up with a quick summary of where to begin.

Floor Plans & Architectural Plans

Honestly, any plans that you may have at all. This will help your project manager immensely! This enables them to see everything they have to work with (or around). Most likely they will have to design your kitchen around plumbing and electrical plans. If those plans are already set in stone, then our designers will work around that for you. However, our designers have a trained eye and according to Sean, “We show the client a better concept that provides a clearer, scaled version taking in consideration of form and function.”

Don’t have any plans yet? Do NOT worry at all. This actually allows us to really build your dream kitchen from square one. When plumbing and electrical is already done, this can limit the design scope that our project managers are capable of. Our designers are truly talented and can make the most of your space.

Example of common L-shaped kitchen floor plan that you might bring along to your consultation.

Inspirational Pictures

Yes, this means come in with your Pinterest board ready! Our project managers like to understand your sense of style and the direction you are wanting to go in for your new home. This can be anything from kitchen layout to cabinet finish and hardware. Our team, combined, has over 20 years of experience. The majority of the time we have complete similar work over our 26 years in business. We have a library of close to 10,000 projects and pictures we can show you as well.

Example of décor you like. Doesn’t always have to be pertinent to kitchen and bath design as project managers can get feel of style from seeing what you like.

Wants VS. Needs

Your project manager will sit down with you one on one and figure out which items are your must-haves. It helps them out a lot if you already have a want vs. need list in mind. However, once they walk you around our showroom floor your want list might increase! This is normally where it is important to inform the designer of your budget as that dictates the additional premium features that can or can’t be added to your project. This is also the beauty to custom cabinetry.

I hope this helps you in beginning of your Destin cabinetry needs. If Marquis Fine Cabinetry can be of any assistance to you and or your designer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to make this process as easy and seamless for you, your builder, electrician and plumber. We work well with everyone and all trades!

Learn more about our design process here.

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