Forest Street Kitchen Remodel in Seaside

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Learn more about the décor choices and cabinetry options used in this unique kitchen remodel.

Forest Street is a great example of how our project managers can turn a pre-existing kitchen into a completely different kitchen. This homeowner wished she had room for a pantry. However, instead of building one, our team suggested building 2 large pantry pull outs on either side of her fridge. She has so much storage now and couldn’t be happier with the result or her custom kitchen remodel. She was able to keep her new custom kitchen style-friendly and functional for her.


Due to the existing floorplan of this house and load bearing walls, this kitchen remodel had to be kept the same size. Our project manager was able to exhaust all of those options for her so she knew how to proceed. We love the rich contrast between the black suede countertops and the soft Milano finish in “Rockefeller”. Due to the size of the kitchen we didn’t want to add a dark finish to the cabinets as that would make the area look smaller. The finish chosen looks beautiful with the backsplash and sun shining in from the floor to ceiling window seating area.


Since this kitchen couldn’t be expanded due to the load bearing walls, organization features were very important to this homeowner. Our project manager was able to utilize his experience and spatial awareness to take advantage of every option he could. He was still even able to maintain a beautiful flow and design through the kitchen. This homeowner opted to keep her appliances hidden with our custom appliance panels on her dishwasher and ice maker machine. The natural light shining in from the seating area compliments the graining in “Rockefeller” beautifully. This light finish also balances out the dark sink, countertops and flooring perfectly.