Where Do You Start When Remodeling?

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Pro Tip: When Remodeling, Start with a Smart Custom Cabinetry Company.

Renovating can be one of the hardest projects to do since many people think they are bound by what is in the house currently. However, that isn’t always the case. If you schedule a private consultation with one of our project managers, they might just surprise you! Erik Kobielnik is one of our project managers who started out in home renovations and remodeling in New Orleans. The majority of his past work was completed after Hurricane Katrina swept through Louisiana. After talking with Erik for a bit, he said, “During a remodel, make sure cabinetry is your first step. Especially with Marquis Fine Cabinetry, as we offer so many additional services and suggestions that other cabinet places don’t.” By starting with your cabinetry design first, with Marquis, you are able to reimagine your space like you may not have before.

Remodeling Step 1: Wall Removal?

Our project managers have a keen eye due to their years of experience. They are able to suggest tearing a wall down in order to achieve some of your wants. However, if you are not able to remove a wall, our project managers will always be prepared with a back up plan that will offer the closest solution for you to still get what you want.

Remodel Demo Day

Remodeling Step 2: Moving Electrical?

You may be surprised by where your electrical is actually running from. Depending on how much demolition you plan to do to your space, determines how much electrical changes can take place. Most of the time, our project managers can tell by visiting your home and checking it out for you. We always like to recommend the first step or your remodel, is to have one of our project managers on-site and personally walking your project.

Electrical Wiring Remodel

Remodeling Step 3: Rearranging Plumbing?

Rearranging the plumbing is also like rearranging the electrical, it is all dependent on how much you put into your demolition. There are some changes that can be made without major tear down, which our project managers will offer depending on budget and wants/needs.

Collection: Milano Finishes: Fantasia, Bianco Lucido By Marquis Fine Cabinetry

If you’re wanting to remodel your kitchen into your dream kitchen, cabinets are a large part of that. That is why detailed cabinetry plans should be the first step in your kitchen and bath renovation. I hope this helps you in the beginning of your Destin cabinetry needs. If Marquis Fine Cabinetry can be of any assistance to you and or your designer, don’t hesitate to contact us. We are here to make this process as easy and seamless for you, your builder, electrician and plumber. We work well with everyone and all trades!

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